Spectrum Apartments

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Spectrum Apartments

Spectrum Apartments is a new development located in Box Hill, known for its distinctive architecture that makes ample use of colour and modern shapes. With apartments, lighting styles need to strike the right balance between form and function, as appearance is equally important as utility. The use of clear, comfortable lighting is also essential, since most residents would typically return home after a long day at work, and the space they walk into must align with their frame of mind.

The brief

For this project, the client wanted the lighting to complement the creative architecture. We also had to install fixtures that would highlight the impressive glass ceiling on the fourth floor. As with other buildings, we had to illuminate the exteriors to create a strong impression.

We worked with Kavellaris Urban Design for this project to set up lighting solutions that would amplify their creative design.

The approach

Throughout the interiors, Urban Design visualised aluminium profiles in combination with our LED strip lighting to create a single jagged linear path between the levels which we installed, adding aesthetic value to an otherwise standard lighting solution. Spotlights were also placed within the apartments themselves on black track and downlights were placed under the front canopy of the building and in the main foyer providing extra light when required.

LED profiles were attached under the glass ceiling, which during the day creates a magnificently bright and sleek vision and transforms into a warm comforting mood filled walkway during the night falling into line with the linear profiles mood amongst the other three levels perfectly.

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    Kavellaris Urban Design

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    Box Hill, VIC