Hairbooth Highpoint

Hairbooth Highpoint

Portfolio Description

Hairbooth Highpoint

Hair Booth is a trendy salon located in Highpoint, offering clients a range of grooming services. At salons, people expect more than just a regular service; it’s the overall experience that makes them want to come back again, hence they expect comfort and relaxation. Hair Booth aims to offer its clients services that are accompanied with an ambience that is soothing, pampering them in the time they spend there.

The brief

In this project, the client brief comprised three key objectives: create a welcoming, tranquil environment, ensure clients have the chance to see their hair in natural light, and finally, enable an overall reduction in power consumption that was requested by the mall management.

We worked with AMATO design to install light fittings that created the desired effects, making it a place that was comfortable – for clients and staff alike.

The approach

For the salon, we worked with the designers to develop two distinct lighting environments in the same space. The front of house lighting we installed was upbeat without being too clinical, achieving a balance between ambient lighting found in spas and relatively brighter lighting that would allow staff to carry out services without straining their sight.

In the back of house, the lighting was colour corrected, making it a space where clients could see their hair as it would appear in natural light. By using a high CRI light, we made the space look alive and radiant, and allow customers to see the true colours of their hair. Fittings with a CRI as close to 90 as possible are highly recommended for hair salons.

More Information

Products used in this project

  • 32W Track Light Luminaire
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • SQ Deep Baffle Downlights
  • Hitachi AAA Tubes
  • Single Track Lights


Bearing in mind the different ambiances that we had to develop, we used specialised lighting that are purpose-built. Some of the products we used included the 32W MultiCircuit Track Lights (VB3CCT-2MW-TONS), with the Luminaire (VBLTL-320-1-4K) which was selected by the Designers for its directional and focal effects. We also used the Hitachi AAA Fluorescent Tubes specifically for its colour temperature, with a CRI of 99, which is the closest output to natural light, making this an ideal solution for Hairdressers where colour correction is essential. Other products we used include the Square Deep Baffle Downlights (VB101-BK) powder coated black. We also used Track Lights (VBLTL-115-SERIES) in various colour temperatures to achieve sufficient lighting that feels soft and relaxing, without being too bright.
Portfolio Details
  • Client:

    AMATO Design

  • Location:

    Highpoint, VIC